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10 Random Facts about me

Todays post is a little bit more personal. I thought it would be fun  to tell you guys a few random things about me!


1.I LOVE SUSHI! I can eat it 3x a day, 7 days a week and never grow tired of it!

2.I SPEAK 3 LANGUAGES FLUENTLY: English, Greek ,Luo (Kenyan dialect) but I can also speak French (not as fluently though)

3.MY FAVORITE DOGS ARE PUGS! My heart literally melts every time I see one walking down the street

4.SOME OF MY PET PEEVES ARE: Slow walkers that walk in the middle of the pavement. I mean come on, if you want to move that slow then at least leave some space for me to pass you by instead of slowing me down!

Dirty dishes in the sink.

Sick people who cough near you.Enough said.

I could go on but this post isn’t just about my pet peeves,lol!

5.I EARNED A DEGREE IN GEOLOGY.Yup!You heard right,I am a geologist!

6.I AM TERRIFIED OF: snakes ,spiders and worms

7.I AM OBSESSED WITH SHOES. I have quite a large collection of shoes but I always want more.Especially heels.

8.I LOVE CARROT JUICE AND COCONUT WATER. I’m surprised I haven’t turned orange from all the carrot juice consumption,lol!


10.I’M A SAGITTARIUS in the zodiac signs and a SNAKE in the chinese horoscope.


I’d LOVE to know a few interesting facts about you!

Tell me 3 random things about yourself!



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