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10 Old-Fashioned Dating Habits That Will Always Work For Women

December 2, 2014 by Chic Glam Style - No Comments

Getting a date is one achievement, but making the date successful is an exceptional achievement. It is therefore important we keep in mind exactly what to do and what not to do during the big day. To help you with that, here is a list of 10 old fashion habits we should make cool again.


1. Asking him out point blank

Instead of waiting for him to ask you out, ask him out instead. Most women are afraid to grab the bull by the horns. Better be old fashioned but work on getting the ring on the finger.


2. Time is money

Failing to plan is definitely planning to fail. Now that you have set the date, it is important that everything is in place. And there is no better way than to ensure that you are ready when your “ding dong” at the door. Don’t forget to wear the dazzling smile.


3. Dress to kill

It is time to clean-up and dress up for the big day. Get your hair done and wear something that will impress your man to the point of making him mention it.


4. Contribute

If you asked someone out – or you are taken for a date, it is definitely a nice gesture to try and contribute. This shows that you care and are willing to share the expense.


5. Remain calm

It is important that you remain calm during the dating process. Staying calm will show that you are comfortable with the man including the whole setting.


6. Introductions

It might not be easy mostly during the first date, but it is definitely polite to introduce your partner to your friends and acquaintances you meet along the way. It shows that you trust them and makes the person you are out with know that you are not hesitant about adding them to your social circles.


7. Switch off your phone

It is hard to explain how rude it is for a person to pick up the phone while out on a date. This moment is about you and the person sitting across the table; picking your phone every time it rings simply says that they are not pleasant company. If you want another date with that person, put that phone away or just switch it off.


8. Be frank about where you stand

After all the effort to make the date work, it doesn’t hurt to know what the future holds. Be sincere and ask your partner where you stand. This clears out facts as to whether you are just friends or seeing each other exclusively.


9. Do not expect sex

No matter how much you think the person likes you and even if they openly flirt with you, do not expect any sex. If you both like each other, sex will come but never assume as it is most disrespectful.


10. A romantic gesture

Once you know about the state of your relationship, do something for your partner to show that you care. It could be a card, poem or painting; that he will definitely cherish for many years to come.